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Server Colocation - Colocation Services

Server providers compete for your colocation business at Broadband Trader. Get quotes from competing server colocation providers and choose the service best for you. Being a channel neutral colocation agent allows us to provide an informed and unbiased perspective. The ability to contact each server colocation provider directly helps ensure you find the colocation solution that best suits your requirements .

Our service is absolutely FREE with NO OBLIGATION. Just fill out our 30 second online form and you will be contacted by colocation providers in your area. Then simply choose the server colocation service that best meets your needs and purchase directly from the provider. Broadband Trader allows you to find your best colocation providers in 3 easy steps...

  1. Fill out our 30 second online form.

  2. Sit back as colocation providers in your area send you competetive quotes.

  3. Select the best server colocation provider and purchase directly from them.

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Server Colocation Hosting - Extended Colocation Network

We currently support colocation provider quotes in the following markets and their surrounding areas:

Please fill out our 30 second online form to receive multiple quotes for your server colocation and managed hosting needs. You will be contacted by multiple service providers and can purchase directly from them. Please feel free to look over our list of colocation service providers.

Server Colocation Pricing Advantage

Colocation providers complete to offer best pricing for flexible rack space and a constant connection to the internet. To accommodate your specific colocation pricing needs, Broadband Trader offers approximate pricing for the following colocation solutions:

Individual colocation rack spaces:

For customers with small requirements, server colocation services as small as one rack unit are available. Each individual rack unit may come with included bandwidth and remote power control. Individual server colocation rack spaces will normally be priced between $95 and $175 monthly.

Half rack and full rack colocation solutions:

Mid to large sized customers needing up to 21U or 42U will take advantage of half rack and full rack server colocation spaces. Half and full rack colocation solutions may include bandwidth and are normally equipped with front and back locking doors for your added protection. Half rack and full rack server colocation solutions will normally be priced between $400 and $1,500 monthly.

Full cage colocation solutions:

For enterprise customers, we offer pricing for full cages. In addition to the benefits of the half and full rack solutions, each full cage is equipped with added security to ensure control over access to your cage. Full cage colocation solutions start at approximately $600 monthly.

Server Colocation Service Advantage

Colocation service providers allow you peace of mind by housing your data communications equipment in a secure, climate controlled environment. By colocating at any of these facilities, customers can spend less time managing networks and equipment and benefit from reduced local access costs. Server colocation services may include:
  • Flexible server colocation space configurations including open racks, half rack and full rack lockable cabinets or caged colocation space.
  • reliable, redundant connections to state-of-the-art, optical-enabled networks
  • Network, environmental and power availability guarantees
  • 24x7x365 expert customer support and network monitoring services
  • AC & DC power options, multiple power connections, diesel generators and uninterrupted power supply (UPS) backup
  • Strict environmental control including continuous regulation of temperature and humidity levels
  • Key-card access and locked spaces

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