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About Us

With the number of carriers, agents, sub-agents and resellers in the Broadband industry, it has become overwhelming when trying to find the right carrier for your business. Broadband Trader was created by Broadband and Internet veterans to simplify this process and to provide a competitive marketplace for companies in search of the appropriate ISP for their needs.

Broadband Trader has forged direct relationships with national and local providers to bring the most comprehensive grouping of carriers possible to the public. By making it well known to our partners that they are competing directly for our business, Broadband Trader users can be certain that they are getting the best rates available.

Broadband Trader is prepared to offer those in need of a broadband solution the most competitive rates for T1/DS1, T3/DS3, OC3, OC12, VPN and Frame Relay by allowing providers to bid on our user's business. Ensuring that quotes from national, regional and local carriers are provided to Broadband Trader customers makes certain that we can provide a truly informed buying process to end user. Providers include:

Verio, Verizon, New Edge, Covad, Epoch, MegaPath, and many more.

As we continue to nurture relationships with the providers and public alike, Broadband Trader remains dedicated to its open and honest B2B marketplace and insures the easiest and most competitive buying process possible.

Copyright 2003-2023, Broadband Trader

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